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1st International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training

September 18–20, 2014 | Bethesda, Maryland, United States

1st International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training

The Conference proceedings are now published by Springer and also in EUDL


Keynote:       Augmented Mind: The Evolution of Learning Tools
                      from Language to Immersive Reality

John "Pathfinder" Lester

Innovative educators are constantly facing the challenge of matching pedagogical goals with complementary technological tools. Unfortunately, given the wide range of technologies and devices that vie for consumer attention, the right choices are not always clear and are typically obscured by media hype. In this presentation, John Lester will describe how focusing on the way the human mind interacts with the world and other human beings can help identify the right tools for the right jobs. From a mind-augmentation perspective combining constructivist and behaviorist approaches, John will explore web based tools ideal for knowledge management, augmented reality based self-animated autonomous agents, and finally the unique (and sometimes over-hyped) affordances of perceptually immersive multiuser 3d virtual worlds for collaborative learning.


TechTalk:       Augmented reality as a tool to enhance learning of art and history

Stefano Santo Sabato
MediaSoft S.r.l.

Many people claim that museums and monuments are the better places for children to get in touch with art and history, yet we all are well aware that the experience often leads to learning outcomes. Learning knows no boundaries and museums can be considered as a kind of learning landscape for all visitors. The huge set of devices and technologies available to generate learning experiences make it difficult to design and develop innovative applications in this field. In his presentation Stefano Santo Sabato will describe how measure out technologies and skills to get effective learning experience in museum contexts. He will present his experience as an architect of learning experiences using state of the art technologies in museum contexts.


Workshop:   Hands-On Play and Redesign
                      of a Leadership Game from Analog to Digital

Daniel Bliton, Jamie Catania, Aimee Norwood, and Trey Reyher
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

See a detailed description of the workshop




E-Learning has been adopted and endorsed by some of the most prestigious universities.  Stanford, Harvard and MIT are leading the way with highly successful online course programs, congruent with a prominent movement towards universal access to quality information and education.  This movement has also disrupted the publishing industry, allowing many students to access valuable research through a myriad of open access journals.

Businesses and non-profits, such as Coursera and the Khan Academy, are offering incredible courses for anyone and everyone.  The London School of Economics even provides diplomas for international students via distance learning, allowing them to access the incredible human capital of their institution with the click of a button.  

This conference will assess the most progressive and exciting ideas for the future of e-Learning.  This is truly an incredibly valuable movement as we move towards a flatter information structure for anyone who wants to learn.

The works that will be presented at eLEOT 2014 will focus on the following topics:

• Accessibility and usability of web-based instruction in the classroom

• Assessment

• Best Practices

• Collaborative learning and social networks

• e-Learning workflow

• Educational/learning repositories

• Mobile learning

• Security and privacy in education and e-learning systems

• Serious games

• Social and organizational perspectives

• Standards and infrastructures

• Student engagement

• Teaching/Educational Models, Frameworks and Platforms

• Virtual Learning Environments


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