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1st International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training

September 18–20, 2014 | Bethesda, Maryland, United States

You can download the final program, here .


September 18, 2014

15:00 Registration & Coffee

15:45 Opening of conference workshops, Introduction and Welcome

16:00 Workshop: “Hands-On Play and Redesign of a Leadership Game from Analog to Digital” – Daniel Bliton, Jamie Catania, Aimee Norwood, Trey Reyher

18:00 End of Program


September 19, 2014

8:30 Registration

9:30 Opening of conference, Introduction and Welcome

9:45 Keynote: Augmented Mind: The Evolution of Learning Tools from Language to Immersive Reality - John "Pathfinder" Lester, ReactionGrid

10:45 Coffee Break

11:30 Session 1: Default track

Session Chair: Nicoletta Adami

  • Segmented and Interactive Modules for Teaching Secure Coding: A Pilot Study – Sagar Raina, Siddharth Kaza, Blair Taylor
  • Inter-University International Collaboration for an Online Course: A Case Study – Dudley Turner, Claudia Igbrude, John O'Connor
  • Virtual, Immersive, Translational, Applied Learning:  The VITAL Project – Charles S. Layne, Lisa Alastuey, Amber M. Chelette, Anne Ogborn, Prashant Mutgekar, Brian K. McFarlin

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30 Plenary Tech Talk: “Augmented reality as a tool to enhance learning of art and history” - Stefano Santo Sabato, Mediasoft

15:30 Session 2: Default track

Session Chair: Daniel Harris Bliton

  • An innovative educational format based on a mixed reality environment: a case study and benefit evaluation – Alessandro Fiore, Luca Mainetti, Roberto Vergallo
  • Smart e-Learning as a Student-Centered Biotechnical System – Vladimir Uskov, Andrey Lyamin, Lubov Lisitsyna, Bhuvana Sekar
  • The PoSE Project: an innovative approach to promote healthy postures in schoolchildren – Ilaria Bortone, Alberto Argentiero, Nadia Agnello, Valentina Denetto, Cosimo Neglia, Marco Benvenuto

17:00 Coffee Break

17:30 Session 3: Student track

Session Chair: Dudley B Turner

  • Building a Mobile Collaborative Learning Environment for the Identification and Classification of Real World Objects, Otto Borchert, Brian Slator
  • Social Collaborative e-Learning in Higher Education: Exploring the Role of Informal Learning - Francis Otto, Shirley Williams
  • A Qualitative Exploration of the EU Digital Competence (DIGCOMP) framework: a case study within Healthcare Education, George Evangelinos, Debbie Holley

19:00 End of Program

20:30 Social Event at Agio 


September 20, 2014

8:30 Registration 

9:00 Introduction and announcements

9:30 Session 4: Default track

Session Chair: Yianna Vovides

  • Scripted Animation towards Scalable Content Creation for eLearning: a Quality Analysis – Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, Jian Cui, Voicu Popescu
  • E-Learning Repository System for Sharing Learning Resources Among Saudi Universities – Ayidh Alanazi, Maysam Abbod
  • Computer Animation for Learning Building Construction Management: A Comparative Study of First Person versus Third Person View – Hazar Dib, Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, Jun Yu

11:15 Coffee break

11:45  Session 5: Default track

Session Chair: Charles S. Layne

  • From Planning to Launching MOOCs: Guidelines and Tips from GeorgetownX – Dedra Demaree, Anna Kruse, Susan Pennestri, Janet Russell, Theresa Schlafly, Yianna Vovides
  • Experiential and Transformative Learning in an Informal Online Learning Environment: An Approach to Initiate Sustainable Changes – Nichole Boutte-Heiniluoma, Efua Akoma, Jacquelyn Petrovic
  • Lecturers’ Attitude to Social Network Media: Implication for Accessibility and Usability Need in Open and Distance Education - Funke Susan Apata

13:30 Lunch Break

15:00 Best Student Paper award

15:30 Session 6: Online track

Session Chair: James Bramhan

  • Introducing Online Learning in a small organization. The Case of the Diplomatic Institute of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Stefano Baldi

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Session 6: Online track

Session Chair: James Bramhan

  • Virtual labs improve students performance in a classroom – Rakhi Radhamani, Hemalatha Sasidharakurup, Gopika Sujatha, Bipin Nair, Krishnashree Achuthan, Shyam Diwakar
  • Guess the Score, fostering collective intelligence in the class – Josep M. Monguet, Jaime Meza
  • Legal risk management: a best practice for e-Learning legal issues – Carlo Bucciero
  • A Way of Supporting Non-Arabic Speakers in Identifying Arabic Letters and Reading Arabic Script in an E-Learning System – Ahmed Mosa, Katsuhiko Kakehi
  • From the First Generation of Distance Learning to Personal Learning Environments: an Overall Look – Andrea Santo-Sabato, Marta Vernaleone

17:30 Closing notes

18:00 End of Program