This event is endorsed
and organized by

1st International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training

September 18–20, 2014 | Bethesda, Maryland, United States



We ask all who are registered for the online track to create the following items:

1) PowerPoint presentation
    a set of HTML pages containing the material you wish to present,


2) A 20-minute video recording of the author(s) presenting the material.

Please include your contact information in the PowerPoint/HTML, so that other participants can reach you with their questions. You can send your files directly with me either by attaching them to an e-mail message or by uploading them on Dropbox and then sharing the link/file with the General Chair.

We need the material by August 14 to ensure that your files will be included and distributed to all participants of the conference.

Online participants will also be able to follow the conference as if it were a Webinar. At the beginning of each day you will receive an invitation to join us online, viewing the presentations of others streamed live. We will also stream your recorded presentations as well.