Full Program

Day 1 – June 7

14:00 – 17:00: Registration (Lobby Room, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel)

Day 2 – June 8

09:00 – 09:20: Opening Ceremony (3rd Building, 4th Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel)

09:20 – 10:00: Keynote Speech 1   

10:00 – 10:40: Keynote Speech 2 

10:40 – 11:00: Tea Break 

11:00 – 12:00: Oral Session 1: 1st part – Natural Language Processing (3rd Building, 4th Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel)

An Architectural Framework for Predicting Student’s Academic Performance in Open and Distance Learning
A Knowledge Graph-based Text Categorization Approach for Dance Education Resources in Colleges and Universities
Diversified Design of Computer Aided Instruction Platform Based on Natural Language Processing
A Natural Language Processing-based Approach to Retrieving Teaching Resources for Music Performance Majors
Design of an Intelligent Scoring System for CET-4 Paragraph Translation Based on Natural Language Processing
A Classification Mining Approach to Teaching Resources for E-Commerce Majors Based on Improved Knowledge Graphs

12:00 – 14:00: Lunch 

14:00– 16:00: Oral Session 1: 2nd part – Recommendation System (3rd Building, 4th Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel, Online: A)

A Reinforcement Learning-based Approach to Recommending Civics Teaching Resources for Multitask Scenarios
A Real-Time Recommendation System for Learning Big Data for Teaching Terminal Employees Based
on Collaborative Filtering
Personalized Distribution of Art and Design Digital Teaching Resources in Colleges and Universities
Based on P2P Networks
An Online Educational Resource Sharing Method for Robotics Major Based on Blockchain Technology
Web Server Load Contswrol Based Personalized Retrieval Method for Teaching Resources
Feature Matching Based Intelligent Recommendation Method of Teaching Video Resources for Economics and Management Majors
Blockchain-based Sharing Service Platform for Legal Digital Teaching Resources
Design of a Federated Personalized Learning Intelligent Recommendation System for Large Scale
Online Education
An Intelligent Recommendation Method for Higher Vocational Graduates’ Employment Positions Based
on Generative Adversarial Networks
Resource Sharing Approach for English Online Courses for Road and Bridge Majors Based on ECDH
A Personalized Retrieval Method for Civil Engineering English Course Resources Based on Feature
A Personalized Recommendation Method Based on Big Data Mining for Chinese Language Education
Resources in China
An Approach to Recommending Online Teaching Resources for Business Administration that Incorporates Learner Modeling
Reliability Evaluation of Automatic Classification System for Tourism Teaching Resources Based on
Resource Sharing
A Feature Mining-Based Approach to Recommending Teaching Resources for Dance Choreography
A Secure Sharing Method of Network Educational Resources Based on Cloud Computing and Blockchain
Research on Optimal Allocation of Educational Resources in Vocational Colleges Based on BPANNIGA Method
Decision Tree Based Information Retrieval Method for Finance and Accounting Teaching Resource
On-line Safe Sharing Method for Teaching Resources of Aircraft Maintenance Course Based on Blockchain Technology
An Intelligent Matching Method for Online Teaching Resources of Civics and Political Science Courses
for Digital Media Technology Majors
A Method of Integrating Law Practice Teaching Resources Based on Internet of Things Technology
A Secure Sharing Approach for Vocational Education Digital Resources in Cloud Computing Environment
A BP Neural Network-based Method for Fusion of Multivariate Heterogeneous Information in College
Civics Courses
A Classification Method of Digital Teaching Resources for Ideology and Politics in Colleges and Universities Based on Improved Decision Tree

14:00– 16:00: Oral Session 2 – Data Mining (3rd Building, 3rd Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel, Online: B)

Research on Sampling Algorithm of Multi-Source Heterogeneous Teaching Data Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Research on Teaching Resource Management Platform Based on Multi-Heterogeneous Data Interaction
Data Mining Based Querying of Instructions for Teaching Web Design Photoshop Software
Research on Fast Retrieval Algorithm of Massive Teaching Activity Video Data Based on Machine
Research on Abnormal Detection of Intelligent Building Teaching Data Based on Multivariate Heterogeneous Information Fusion
Reinforcement Learning Based Approach to Fusion of Heterogeneous Data from Multiple Sources for
Teaching and Learning in Marketing Specialization
A Data Mining Approach for OBE-CDIO Talent Cultivation Teaching Model Based on Multiple Information Fusion
Research on Encrypted Transmission Method of Network Teaching Data Based on State Secret Algorithm
A Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Data Integration Approach for Online Teaching Resources in
Computer Science Courses
Research on Deep Mining of Human Resource Major Teaching Data Based on Artificial Intelligence
Research on Intelligent Mining Method of Pharmaceutical Management Case Teaching Resources
Based on Multiple Heterogeneous Information Fusion
A Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Data Integration Approach for Online Teaching Resources in
Basic Computer Courses
Research on the Integration of Teaching Resources for Online Classroom Teaching of Ideology and
Politics in Colleges and Universities under Big Data Environment
A Web-based Data Mining Algorithm for Physical Education Courses Based on Cloud Computing
An Approach to Integrating Educational Data in the Context of Rural Revitalization in Collegiate Physical Education Schools
Research on Classification Mining of Blended Teaching Data for College Courses Based on Improved
Support Vector Machines
A Method of Mining Job Demand Characteristics of E-commerce Graduates
A Data Mining Method for Chinese Teaching Database Based on Knowledge Graph
A Knowledge Graph-based Data Mining Approach for Online Learning Behavior
A Big Data Based Information Integration Approach for Library Instructional Support Services
Web Crawler Based Data Collection Method for User Learning Behavior on Online Education Platforms
An Intelligent Allocation Method for Traditional Cultural Resources Based on Diversity and Heterogeneity Information Fusion
Security Situation Prediction of Software Engineering Education Informatization Network Based on
Enhanced LSTM
Compressed Storage Method for Educational Management Resources of Sports and Humanities in Colleges and Universities

16:00 – 16:10: Tea Break 

16:10 – 18:00: Oral Session 1: 3rd part – Computer Vision (3rd Building, 4th Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel, Online: A)

Pose Recognition for Physical Education Training Based on Kinect Somatosensory Sensor and Deep
A Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Network-based Algorithm for Correcting Erroneous Movements in
Video Teaching of Difficult Movements in College Aerobics
Research on Automatic Identkification of Students’ Abnormal Behavior on Multimedia Civic Education
Image Recognition Algorithm for Online Education Platform Monitoring Based on Mobile Augmented
A Study on Facial Expression Recognition of Students in the Classroom Based on InsightFace Algorithm
A Motion Target Tracking Algorithm for College Dance Teaching Video Based on Inter-frame Differencing
Online Teaching Terminal Facial Expression Recognition Algorithm Based on Gabor Wavelet
A Face Recognition Method for Online English Classroom Students Based on PCA Algorithm
Intelligent Sign-in Method for Online Classroom Students Based on Machine Vision and Face Feature
A Multi-camera Image Fusion Based Face Recognition Check-in Method for Students in Online Teaching Courses
A Real-time Interaction Method for Multimedia Virtual Teaching Based on Machine Vision

16:10 – 18:00: Oral Session 2: 2nd part – Educational Evaluation (3rd Building, 3rd Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel, Online: B)

A Study on the Interactive Methods of Universities’ Participation in Primary School Physical Education
MOOC in the Context of Open Educational Resources
High-Performance Roaming Interaction for Digital Museum Education Based on Virtual Reality Technology
Calibrating the Adaptability of Writing Intelligence Assistive Software for Teaching Applied Writing
Evaluation Method of National Music Teaching Quality in Colleges and Universities Based on AHP
Fuzzy Algorithm
An Autonomous Evaluation Model for Painting Teaching Activities Supported by Android Applications
Design of Multi-Index Evaluation System for the Teaching Model of Tourism Route Design
Research on the Assessment Method of Higher Vocational Teachers’ Informatization Teaching Ability
Based on Data Mining
Evaluation Method of Teaching Quality of Advertising Talent Cultivation in Digital Marketing Communication Environment
National Emblem Carving Art Innovative Teaching Evaluation Method Based on Virtual Reality Technology
Quality Assessment Method of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education for Economics and Management Majors Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgment
Exploring the Potential of Large Language Models as a Grading Tool for Conceptual Short-Answer
Questions in Introductory Physics
A Method for Evaluating the Quality of Mechanical and Electrical Practical Teaching Based on
Knowledge Graph

18:30 – 20:30: Banquet (Room 008, Pengcheng Restaurant, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel)

Day 3 – June 9

09:00 – 10:30: Oral Session 1: 4th part – Design of Teaching System (3rd Building, 4th Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel, Online: A)

Design of digital teaching information management platform based on Android software
Web Network-Based Design of Online Learning System for PhotoShop Software Image Course
Design of Software Engineering Multimedia Teaching System Based on Open Virtual Reality Technology
Design of Intelligent Simulation Teaching System for Tourism Economy Course Based on Virtual Scene
Design of a Teaching System Based on Visual Perception for Authentication of Chinese Paintings
Construction of College Students’ Employment Education Platform Based on B/S Structure
Design of Intelligent Detection System for Physical Education Teaching Software Terminal Based on Machine Learning
Design of Simulation Training System for Aircraft Electronic Maintenance Engineering Based on VR Technology
STM32-based Quadcopter UAV Experimental Teaching Platform Design
Design and Application of Virtual Reality-Based Simulation Teaching Platform for UAV Control
Construction of Three-Dimensional Display Platform for Environmental Art Design Teaching Works Based on Virtual Reality
Design of Multimedia Interactive Video Courseware Teaching on Demand System Based on Java
Design of Digital Teaching Platform of Urban Renewal Based on Digital Twin
A Digital Management Platform for Practical Teaching Resources of Engineering Projects Based on BIM
Design of Intelligent Simulation Teaching System for College Professional Courses Based on Virtual Scenarios

10:30 – 10:40  Tea Break 

10:40 – 12:30: Oral Session 1: 5th part – Other Directions (3rd Building, 4th Floor, Tongcheng Lushan Hotel, Online: A)

Research on Diversified Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mode of College Specialty Based on Industrial
Real Time Monitoring of Carbon Emissions During Project Construction Teaching Demonstration Process Based on CPS
Classification of Readability Words in Chinese International Learning Based on CURE Clustering
A Collaborative Learning Grouping Approach to Chinese Language Education for International Students
with Heterogeneous Integration of Multiple Features
Blended Online and Offline Teaching Method based on MOOC Flipped Classroom
Research on the Value Added Teaching Method of University Construction Project Bidding Audit Based on Decision Tree
Research on Encrypted Transmission Method of Online Teaching Resources Based on RSA Algorithm
Research on The Integration Method of Pharmaceutical Management Experimental Teaching Content in
Health Higher Vocational Colleges Based on The Big Model (AIGC)
Balanced Distribution of 3D Animation Teaching Resources Based on Multiple Heterogeneous Information Fusion
Construction Method of Industrial Robot Training and Teaching Base Based on Maker Workshop
Error Detection of Bridge Engineering Teaching Surveying Software Based on Bayesian Filtering Algorithm
A Secure Storage Method for Library and Intelligence Teaching Resource Library Based on Differential
Analysis of Zero Translation Teaching Path for English Chinese Idioms Considering Exclusivity Resistance
of Chinese Writing System
Teaching Information Fusion Method of Urban Renewal Design Based on Network Intelligent Mobile Terminal
Optimization and Integration Methods of Aesthetic Education Resources Based on Digital Platforms
Construction Method of Industrial Robot Training and Teaching Base Based on Maker Workshop

12:30 – 14:00: Lunch 

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